Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Beauty goals for 2017

Ok straight into next project 10 use it up (or project pan)

These are the ten products that need to be used up in my collection as of late

First six products

The last four products

Lumene body magic - hydra luminous body lotion (200 ml): goal is to finish this up - as a matter of fact there are only a few uses left I guess... but this is one of my oldest products I own, so it needs to be used up.
Victoria's Secret - Beauty rush - Candy baby - body double mist (250 ml): goal use it completely up - have a few newer body sprays that I need to start using.
The body shop - Vitamin E face mist (100 ml): maybe 1/6 left of this facial mist, body shop has recently changed the packaging and removed parabens from the formula - will for sure buy again.
Hollister - So Cal - perfume (75 ml): a discontinued fragrance by Hollister, love the scent, but is one of my older fragrances so I want to make a sure I use it up before it goes bad.
Maybelline - Instant age rewind eraser dark circles - light pale (6 ml): the goal is to use this up.
Burt's Bees - gloss - 203 Autumn haze (5 ml): I managed to use almost half of this in 2016 - so the goal for 2017 is to use the rest of it up.
Maybelline - colour tattoo 24hr - gel cream eyeshadow - 35 on and on bronze: this has started to dry up and I have not used it so mutch, so the goal for this product is to hit pan and get some use out of it before it goes bad.
Lancome le crayon kohl noir (0,7 g): this was a part of the beauty goals for 2016, and I estimate I used about 2 cm of the pencil, and given the fact it was my main eyeliner I used 90% of the time when I did my makeup. Remaining are 4,5 cm of the pencil.
Maybelline - depotted eyeshadow in a champagne shimmery colour: my mission is to hit pan on this shadow, but I mainly use it in my inner corner of my eye and under the brow as a highlight.
Bourjois Paris - Smokey eyes trio - 09 Lady vert de gris (4,5 g): the goal with this trio is to hit pan on the middle shade (the lighter brown grey colour). But this colour is the perfect crease colour, then I mix it with the darker brown and use in my eyebrows.

So that concludes the 

Beauty goals for 2016 - update 3 - final update

At the end of the year 2015 I put a goal to finish up 10 products, of those 10 products I managed to finish 8, see picture below;

Finished products 2016

So what is left is the eyeliner and the gloss (which I replaced with a Burt's Bees gloss)

The rest of the Lancome black Kohl eyeliner
 (the blush is a repressed Clinique blush not in the project)

The Burt's Bees gloss in Autumn Haze

The gloss is just millimeters from the set goal of using half of the gloss up, the eyeliner seems to be holding on for dear life, and could even take me another year to finish. Probably because it is fairly dry. But it is really the only eyeliner I have used for the entire year! And I have only used 1-2 cm of it as it seems. And I have a bunch of other liners waiting to be used. So I have learned it takes about a year to finish half a gloss. That should really hold me back in future purchases. But overall I am really glad that the products I used up are out of my collection, and have been saved from going bad.

So next is just to decide goals and products for next year, 2017!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Empties August - December 2016

So here come the products I managed to finish up during my stay in Copenhagen, August untill December 2016

Products used up in August - December 2016

Elf mineral eyeshadow primer, very good primer, finished up, and it was a part of my beauty goals for 2016
Revlon moisture stay lip tint in sheer spice 07; was depoted into the little round jar, is completely finished up, and was a part of beauty goals 2016.
The body shop total energy exhilirating body wash; a 10 ml sample which has been in my collection for a very long time - pleasant with scrubbing particles in.
Janssen cosmetics hydrating lotion; this product was really nice, while hydrating my skin it did not irritate the perioral dermatitis. Will for sure repurchase.
Emporio Armani Diamonds body lotion; this was gifted to me for x-mas a few years back as a perfume and body lotion set - it was nice and the scent lingered on my skin for some time afterwards.
Cover Girl clump crusher mascara; a really nice mascara, would repurchase if it was sold in Iceland.
Clarins foaming body exfoliator; the scrub particles in this product are really nice, but I just hate the smell of the "standard" Clarins body products, and would thus not repurchase.
Victoria's Secret Very Sexy sheer sexy mist; I finally used this product up, which was a part of my beauty goals 2016. I used it as a body spray and as a perfume. Will not repurchase, the smell was not unpleasant, but got really tired of it. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Holiday Haul

During my holiday in Turkey I picked up a few things, and on the way, in the duty free and in Berlin as I had a few hours in the city in between my connecting flights.

Holiday haul

Mistic perfumum in Z21 and Z20- copies of fragrances from high street brands, I do not consider myself to support the knock-off industry but as these were gifted to me and smell quite nice I use them from time to time.
Sin Kov - the best anti mosquito spray I have ever used, so I bought a back-up to use on holiday next time.
EVY technology sunscreen mousse spf 30 - this is a re-launch of Proderm, and has never failed me before, but I have actually started to think my skin is getting more sensitive, and I might need spf 50 as I managed to get red after sunbathing. 
Golden Rose maxim eyes and city style mascaras. I have bought the city style before and loved it.
Clinique mineral sunscreen fluid for face. I loved this sunscreen, it did not irritate my perioral dermatitis at all, probably as it is not a chemical sunscreen, but a mineral one. 
Kiko stick eyeshadow in 05 rosy brown - this I bought in Berlin, am still testing it out.
Flormar Flashe baked eyeshadow in 04 peachy dazzles. This brand is Turkish and I just had to pick one up, it is pink to me, and higly pigmennted. (So now I have actually broken the low buy by buying 2 eyeshadow products after finishing 5 items from my finish 10 beauty goals for 2016).

Kiko stick eyeshadow in 05 rosy brown and Flormar Flash baked eye shadow in 04 peachy dazzles

Friday, July 29, 2016

Empties June- July 2016

So this is in a way my holiday empties, as mainly the products I used up in the last 2 months have been sun-blocks.

Empties June-July 2016

Bioderma micellar water: good but Garnier is just as good and has a better pricing point
Nivea sun spf 30 bronze sunscreen, works well on me.
Clarins anti-aging sunscreen for face spf 30. I used this this time around on my hands and feet, as I feel like it is too greasy for my face, and some of the ingredients may irritate my perioral dermatitis.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Beauty goals for 2016 - update 2 - 6 months in

So here is the latest update on my products:

Product update nr. 2

I pressed a Clinique blush into my elf blush pan (as it came in a weirdly small palette next to eyeshadows) - but as I used the pan as a reference for the length of the eyeline pencil I added it into the photo. There has been a tiny progress on the Lancome le crayon kohl noir.
I used up the depotted Clinique chubby stick in whole lotta honey finally!
And the Boots no 7 eyeshadow (depotted from a trio - a pinky purple shade) I finished in May. 

Revlon moisture stay lip tint in sheer spice 07

The Revlon moisture stay lip tint in sheer spice 07 I depotted into the same box the Clinique chubby stick was in, and there is just a tiny bit left - and I guess I will use it up in one month.

Victoria's secret very sexy sheer sexy mist

The Victoria's secret very sexy sheer sexy mist has gone a bit lower, and as I am going on a holiday, this will come with me (and hopefully be used up along the way).

Garnier roll-on anti-dark circles

Then I also finished the Garnier roll-on anti-dark circles, so from my 10 item beauty goals for 2016 - I have finished up five items, and five to go ;)

Are you on a mission?

Monday, May 30, 2016

Empties January - May 2016

So here are the products I have finished in these first months of the year

Empties January - May 2016

Penzim: serum/gel-cream I used on my face when I first was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis, it did not cure it but I know it is free from nasty chemicals and parabens.
The body shop, sweet lemon body butter: just a regular body butter from the body shop.
Dove summer glow body lotion: finally I finished this up this spring, it has changed packaging 2-3 times since I bought this one (which even has the label NEW on it). I have already bought a new version of this cream.
Sheer eau de toilette by Aerie: nice scent, glad it is finished before it went bad on me.
Garnier micellar cleansing water: love it, and in fact do not sense a difference between this one and the one from Bioderma.
Physicians formula organic wear BB mascara: it was ok, the wand was a little bit too strange for my liking, and prefer the original one in the green bottle.
Bath & Body works nourishing hand cream in fresh sparkling snow: this was a nice and nourishing hand cream, but the scent was a bit too strong for my liking. Would not buy again.
Labello caregloss & shine: too sticky, with no colour and will not buy again.
Boots no.7 eyeshadow in a pinky purple shade: finished this one finally off. Ended up using it as a blush and an eyeshadow, and eventually when there was maybe 1 month use of it left, it broke into pieces and fell into the sink - good it was not a favorite!
Elf blsuh in mellow mauve: it was a super nice blush, but I got so tired of trying to use it up, and I got sick of the colour, by using it every day for a long period of time. Will not repurchase in the nearest future. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Current cravings and how to curb them

I have in fact gotten over the crave for Urban Decay eyeshadow in half baked during my mission to finish up some items in my collection. But it didn't last for long as of late I saw a beautiful eyelook with the Body Shop Chocolate box shimmer cubes 06 on youtube.

The Body Shop chocolate box shimmer cubes in 06

I have not gone in person recently to swatch them, but have swatched the shimmer cubes in stores through the years, and what I remember is they are VERY shimmery and I never really was tempted to buy any of them, if it was due to shimmer, the packaging or the size (it is a lot of product 4x4 grams that would last for years and years).
The more I looked online through swatches of the shimmer box, the more I came to realize I must have these shadows, or very similar in my collection, and this is what I came up with:

My "shimmer box"


So my shimmer box 06 from the Body Shop is made of:
Wet and wild comfort zone palette: the first swatch is a mix of the two top left colors (browbone and eyelid)
Almay intense i-color in 412 trio for blues: the bottom color of this trio is the second swatch
Maybelline single eyeshadow in silken taupe: the third swatch
Almay intense i-color in 412 trio for blues: the brown in this trio is the fourth and last swatch
You can compare my swatches to swatches taken by Beautyshelfie and British beauty addict and see if you think they are similar or not.

At least I do not need to invest in the Body shop palette, as I seem to have all the colors in it.

Hope this has been an inspiration for you to go through your stash when you get the next craving for a product.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Beauty goals for 2016 - update 1

So here is an update on all the items I included in my beauty goals for 2016, after about three months use:

the first five products

I finished the Aerie roll on eau de toilette in Sheer - it took over two months to finhish 1/3 of a 7,5 ml bottle. Glad that got used up before it turned bad.
The elf blush in mellow mauve I have owned for almost 3 years now, and used it on a daily basis probably for over a year and a half. Which is a crazy long time for a blush to last it was in total 4,75 grams. The rest of it fell into the sink today, and I was so tired of it I made no attempt to save it from being washed into the ocean. What was left was probably 2-3 months worth of every day use of this blush, which would have made it last for almost 2 years of everyday ware. So when I buy blush in the future now I know how long it will last according to the weight, but then it also depends on the pigmentation on how much you want to use each time.
I made a small progress on the Lancome le crayon kohl noir even though I have used it almost every day since the end of January. I do not understand how girls go so fast through these pencils - but I do not sharpen it every day.
I use the depotted Clinique chubby stick in whole lotta honey every day in the morning as it needs to be applied with a pencil, which makes it very unhandy to put in your purse. So a slow progress is being made on this one.
The Boots no 7 eyeshadow (depotted from a trio - a pinky purple shade) I use every day in my crease, on my lid I use a light pink shimmery shade. I can see quite the process on this one, but the shadow was a bit thinner in the area where the pan is showing compared to what is left of it in the pan.
The elf mineral eyeshadow primer in sheer is on it's last leg, the formula has become quite dry and will only be used a few more times. The Garnier roll-on anti-dark circles in 02 is still going strong and seems to be bottom-less. I have to leave the product upside-down though to be able to get any product out, but it does never seem to be close to empty.

Victorias secret very sexy sheer sexy mist

On the Victoria's secret very sexy sheer sexy mist I have made some progress on this 75 ml bottle, last time the product reached between the X and Y letters in SEXY - now it is about one letter below that - which I will mark with a pen right now!
One product I have used the least is the Revlon moisture stay lip tint in sheer spice 07, I used about 4 times, or untill I could not apply it straight from the bullet. Will finish the chubby stick before depotting this one into the same box the chubby stick is in right now.

I threw the Guerlain Terracotta lip gloss in Terre d'or out of the project as it had started to seperate and smell like plastic. I replaced it wit two lip glosses one of them is the Burt's bees lipgloss in 203 Autumn haze, since I started using it in the end of January, brand new, I have already finished about 1/3 of the product as you can see on the colour line. This is a very thick gloss, so I actually had to let the bottle sit in the sun to try to warm the product up to see the progress I made. The other gloss is almost brand new: Dior Addict gloss in 643 Diablotine - so the one I finish first the half of - I will consider done with the Guerlain gloss, as it was only half left of it.

What this goal has taught me so far it that it takes forever to finish a blush, and it is such a pain to try to finish one, so I will try not to have more in my collection than 2-3, and will not put one in a "project pan" ever again.
Lipglosses are easier to finish than I thought, you just have to keep it in your purse and apply at least 3 times a day to see some progress.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Discontinued products due to perioral dermatitis

So after some contemplating about this skin condition I have and reading online about chemicals in products I decided to stop using these products due to my perioral dermatitis:

I have stopped using these products

So the products are:

Nivea daily essentials purifying washing gel: it contains SLS in it so I have stopped using this. I tried to turn it into a hand soap, and omg how dry my hands became after only one wash so I can not imagine I ever put this on my face. I threw it away.

Lumene Vitamine C+ age defying arctic cloudberry balancing day cream: I stopped using this mainly because the cream states to be anti-aging, and that can aggravate perioral dermatitis, and when I got my first outbreak of perioral dermatitis, I had just started to use this cream. Third and final reason I am not using it anymore is the texture, it is very liquity, so I even wonder if it is old and the formula has been damaged in some way. In the trash it went.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB: this I was using last summer, the tube is over 2 years old, and as the outbreak of perioral dermatitis started after the summer it made me wonder if this was one of the causes. So this went to the trash.

Korres white tea cleansing foam: this contains SLS, and as many say that is bad for perioral dermatitis so I gave it to a friend.

Guerlain Terracotta lip gloss in Terre d'or: I stopped using this (even though I had put in a project pan) as it had started to smell like plastic, and the product had seperated, and was one of the product I used a lot during the summer, just before my flare up. So I threw it in the trash.

Neutrogena visably clear pink grapefruit daily scrub: I am so sad that this product contains SLS, so I have stopped using it.

Sadly the perioral dermatitis has not  100% gone away after I stopped using these products, but I for sure now have a super sensitive skin, and might even think it started because of sun screen (which can also aggetate perioral dermatitis). So I have to be super selective when I choose products which I intend to use on my face, so I believe these products were not good for me anyway.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Perioral Dermatitis Haul

I took an advantage of when one of my family members went to the US over x-mas and ordered a few things I have found on the internet, that people say have helped them clear up PD (perioral dermatitis).

PD haul

So this is what I ordered and why:

Spectro sensitive skin care cleanser for blemish prone skin fragrance free 200 ml. I saw a video on youtube where a girl got rid of PD using this facial wash
Solaray yeast cleanse tablets. I have seen PD connected to candida yeast infection and videos on youtube where girls manage to clear their skin of PD of taking their diet in the orientation of gluten free and yeast and sugar free.
Shea Moisture African black soap with shea butter for acne prone and troubled skin. I had seen on a few places online that African black soap is supposed to help get rid of eczema, acne and perioral dermatitis. See for example info here

So since mid January, after I finished a 2 month anti biotic session, which did get rid of my perioral dermatitis, I since have been free of PD for 1 and a half month (during that time I only used the african black soap, took a lot of vitamin suppliments and used penzim as a facial cream). But now when taking a break from my birth control it started to come again a little bit (little bumps but not so much redness). Next week I will have a blood exam to see if I have some hormonal imbalance, as my dermatologist implied that hormones are most likely the cause of PD (which totally fits with me taking a break from birth control pills and the PD comes out again). In the future I might go and see a nutritional therapist regarding diet, if I have gluten intolorance, or wheat intolorance - which might very well be as I saw a herbalist a few years ago, who said I should not eat any wheat, no sugar, no cola, alcohol, milk products, honey or mushrooms... but that diet is so hard to do - as I felt I could not eat anything.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Empties September - December 2015

I did not finish a lot of products during this time, one of the reasons might be that I have developed a skin condition called perioral dermatitis, which describes itself with a rash around the mouth (and can appear around eyes also). Thus I have been very hesitant to use new facial products, as it started in the beginning of September, when I started using a new facial wash, a new moisturizer and a toner I had not used in over 2 months. It is really hard to cover up, as makeup can make it worse. I have now been on a 2 month antibiotic tablet course, which has made it disappear. But it might come again, so I need to be super careful of what I use on my skin, and have become very skeptical regarding different products, I have not dared to use the moisturizer or the facial wash I had just started when the PD (perioral dermatitis) appeared. So I might do a another post soon on products that I am afraid to use, as they might have been the PD trigger, either due to ingredients or the fact the products I have are turning old.
But here are my empties for Septemer - December 2015:

Empties September-December 2015

John Freida full repair full body conditioner - a good and softening conditioner, but nothing spectacular. Over priced, might buy again when on discount
Lumene bright touch refreshing cleansing foam - super nice facial foam wash
Golden Rose mega volume and length city style mascara - I think this mascara has tiny black fibers in it, it did not bother my eyes, and was super nice and the price in Turkey was great (wish I had bought this type again)
Nivea pure and natural regenerating night care - very nice night cream, my first night cream in fact. Now the bottle comes in plastic which makes me not want to buy it, as it is cheap looking.