Monday, January 20, 2014

The real recycle

So I figured I have not been very consistent this year to the name of the blog; Beauty recycle, but I promise I have big things planned for 2014 - more towards the recycle or shopping my stash as someone would say. I will go through some of my products and share my thoughts about them - kind of mini reviews and swatches.

Stay tuned,

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Collection 2013

So this pile consists of all the products I purchased in 2013:

Exept for 3 products:

Almay sensitive oil free eye makup remover - just forgot for the "photo-shoot"
Olivelia body butter by Macrovita - too big for the photo
Lumene  waterproof eyemakeup remover - is finished and was presented at the last empties post of 2013

I think my makeup collection is about getting out of control - ok these include toners, creams and facial washes.. and some of the products are almost finished and others I have not even started to use yet - as they are backups and I don't like to have many mascaras in use at a perticular time (actually I prefer to have only one in use at a given time) and then I also don't want to have too many lip products open at a time (especially glosses). Actually I'm going to do a lip-collection soon... so then I'll do an overview of what is being used at the time and what is not.

Thank you for reading,

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Eyshadow comparison: Lumene vs. Bobbi Brown

I thought it might be useful to compare some of my eyeshadows to each other. This time around I'm going to compare two shadows I thought would turn out quite similar, but are quite different after all.

Blueberry crystal eyeshadow from lumene in 20 Frosted forrest
Bobbi Brown Metallic eye shadow in 23 Java (photo with flash)

Swatched in natural light - Bobbi Brown 23 java and Lumene 20 frosted forrest

Swatched with flash - Bobbi Brown 23 java and Lumene 20 frosted forrest

I had a bit of a problem with the lighting, due to extreme clouds in Reykjavik these days, and short time of daylight in general.

Both of them are very soft and very blendable shadows with minimum fallout, but they turned out quite different, the Lumene shadow is a pinky-purple shade - with a frosted look, and the Bobby Brown is a light brown with a hint of purple tone in it - more of a satin look. But when I use a brush both of them mute a bit out..
My first try at the Bobbi Brown was a big disappointment, as I had such great expectations for the brand, and I thought the shadow was kind of a blahh.. not so special, but after playing around with it more, and using a primer, it's a totally different story. A beautiful everyday shade I can use all over my lid and I'm ready to go.
The Lumne shade is also good for daytime, if applied lightly with a brush, a beautiful pink-purple shade which also can be used all over the lid and you are ready to go.

What is your favorite Bobbi Brown shade?

Thank you for reading,