Thursday, August 22, 2013

August beauty budget

So this is what I picked up on a sale in The Body Shop in August;

The Body Shop - 17 eye definer shade: golden brown

Swatch - golden brown colour

Pros: beautiful medium golden brown colour, a bit buildable and very creamy. And it's paraben-free ;)

Cons: the product is a bit thick in the pencil, so you probably have to sharpen it more often than a regular pencil, and maybe waste more product than you would have to.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

My perfume and fragrance collection

I'll be the first one to admit that I'm a perfume/fragrance hoarder.. and a terrible one at that. There used to be the time I was not able to walk through the duty-free without buying a scent for myself. In these later years I have learned to control myself.. othervise my collection would be way out of control. But still I like to have a few bottles to choose from, as different scents match ones mood, dress and occation.

My collection 

What my collection includes:

Sheer by Aerie - travel scent
Viva la Juicy by Jucy Couture (unopened)
Emerald dream by Estrée Lauder - summer scent
Beauty Rush, candy baby body mist by Victorias Secret
Sun Moon Stars by Lagerfeld - this one I use for work
Diamonds by Emporio Armani - my "glamourous" scent
Bright Crystal by Versace - light day to day scent (still prefer the yellow diamond version)
Very sexy body mist by Victoarias Secret
True Star Gold by Tommy Hilfiger - this will be my new work scent

This is a bit, too mutch in my own opinion, especially when I think about how many perfume bottles I have already finished in my life (which adds up to 5) and one of them I did not even finish as the smell went bad. Perfumes do not last forever.. and that I learned the hard way with my Armani She perfume.. when one day it suddenly smelled awful. The other bottles I did actually finish were; Cool water by Davidoff, Eternety by Calvin Clein, Abercrombie (original) and Qui by L'oreal. My favorite of them? Difficult to say, Cool water and the Abercrombie scent I relate to my teenage years, but if I ever re-purchase any of them it would deffinetly be Eternety, I still love that smell.

What I would like to buy, when I have made a dent in my collection:
Express love by Express
So Cal by Hollister (sadly discontinued)
Vanitas by Versace
Versense by Versace

The good news?
I'm about to finish the bottle of Sun moon stars - and then I'm going to crack open Viva la Juicy
If you want to learn about notes of any of the scents visit Fragrantica

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

July rediscoveries / July favorites

So last month rediscoveries or July favorites would be these 2 very summery products;

OPI nailpolish - My chihuahua bites!

Joli rouge lipstick from Clarins in 711 papaya

711 papaya swatched - it has no shimmer

Both of these I bought last summer, when the coral colour was so very mutch the colour of summer 2012. Happily for me it's still in fashion, and have been my go to items last month... just love the nail-polish as it's somewhere between pink, orange and coral. A very pretty and summery colour. The lipstick is an absoloute favorite, and was a bit neglected in June (mostly due to rainy weather in Iceland), but it looks lovely on the lips, not too much, but still a bit of a pop of colour. Plus it's very soft and moisturizing on the lips

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