Friday, February 28, 2014

Lumene blueberry curl mascara - review

This is absoloutly my favorite mascara!

It has a plastic brush that has short bristles on 2 sides, and longer on the 2 other sides - so it makes mascara application on the bottom lashes super easy!
It is made with 100% organic blueberry, it's not blue though.. it claims to keep lashes perfectly curled and to be clump-free volume. I'm not sure if it makes the lashes extra curly, or if it keeps the curl better if you curl your lashes with an eye-lash curler. I don't have super straight lashes.. so I'm not a good judge of that.. but it is clump free :) And I just love the wand so so mutch!

Some pictures (clean wand):

Video review here

What is your favorite mascara?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another eye update

So yet another eye update, now I'm again on the rash train, yes again eye-rash.. 
Then again, it's a bit different from the previous ones, which completely stayed in the crease, this one on the other hand is all over the lid... and the culprit this time around: my Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in java 23 - which was my beloved beauty budget of November. Still I find it very strange that something I have worn before can suddenly cause such a rash - which is totally normal though. At first I used with a primer, but now I put it straight on the eyelid, and right away on day one using this product I got tiny little bumps all over the lid, exactly where I put the shadow. It got a bit better the next morning, but in my madness I decided to put it back on - as to double check if this was 100% the culprit, as I had been wearing other shadows the days before. Needless to say it got instantly worse, and I decided to put the cream I got from the doctor the first time around onto my lids... and when I did, I really understood how bad it was, I could just feel all the tiny little bumps with my fingers.. this has never been so bad before. Then again, it's not itching at all, and no redness.. my lids are a bit dry.. but that's it.  

So I washed the real techniques brush, I just hope I'm not allergic to that one - could it be? Or is it something with the purple dies in the shadows that cause the rash? Both of them have a bit of a purple/violet hue in them - or is that just a coincidence? One of them has shimmer, and the other is matte, so that's not the case.

So now back onto the no-makeup regime, still I slap on concealer and a mascara... but nothing on the lids themselves, unless the cream for healing purposes ;)

In the future: do not buy any eyeshadow unless it's from Clinique, as everything from them is supposed to be safe and allergy free, from Benecos or a similar allergy free brand for sensitive eyes. 

After healing to do list:
Use a pink shadow from Clinique for one week and see if that's ok
Use Blackberry by Mac for one week (that colour is described as muted burgundy-plum brown - but it looks a bit violet/purple)

I'll keep you posted on these experiments,
I'm currently on day 2 on cream, nothing else on my lids.
Have you ever experienced eyelid rash, then this is a good read.

Thank you for getting to the bottom,