Monday, May 30, 2016

Empties January - May 2016

So here are the products I have finished in these first months of the year

Empties January - May 2016

Penzim: serum/gel-cream I used on my face when I first was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis, it did not cure it but I know it is free from nasty chemicals and parabens.
The body shop, sweet lemon body butter: just a regular body butter from the body shop.
Dove summer glow body lotion: finally I finished this up this spring, it has changed packaging 2-3 times since I bought this one (which even has the label NEW on it). I have already bought a new version of this cream.
Sheer eau de toilette by Aerie: nice scent, glad it is finished before it went bad on me.
Garnier micellar cleansing water: love it, and in fact do not sense a difference between this one and the one from Bioderma.
Physicians formula organic wear BB mascara: it was ok, the wand was a little bit too strange for my liking, and prefer the original one in the green bottle.
Bath & Body works nourishing hand cream in fresh sparkling snow: this was a nice and nourishing hand cream, but the scent was a bit too strong for my liking. Would not buy again.
Labello caregloss & shine: too sticky, with no colour and will not buy again.
Boots no.7 eyeshadow in a pinky purple shade: finished this one finally off. Ended up using it as a blush and an eyeshadow, and eventually when there was maybe 1 month use of it left, it broke into pieces and fell into the sink - good it was not a favorite!
Elf blsuh in mellow mauve: it was a super nice blush, but I got so tired of trying to use it up, and I got sick of the colour, by using it every day for a long period of time. Will not repurchase in the nearest future. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Current cravings and how to curb them

I have in fact gotten over the crave for Urban Decay eyeshadow in half baked during my mission to finish up some items in my collection. But it didn't last for long as of late I saw a beautiful eyelook with the Body Shop Chocolate box shimmer cubes 06 on youtube.

The Body Shop chocolate box shimmer cubes in 06

I have not gone in person recently to swatch them, but have swatched the shimmer cubes in stores through the years, and what I remember is they are VERY shimmery and I never really was tempted to buy any of them, if it was due to shimmer, the packaging or the size (it is a lot of product 4x4 grams that would last for years and years).
The more I looked online through swatches of the shimmer box, the more I came to realize I must have these shadows, or very similar in my collection, and this is what I came up with:

My "shimmer box"


So my shimmer box 06 from the Body Shop is made of:
Wet and wild comfort zone palette: the first swatch is a mix of the two top left colors (browbone and eyelid)
Almay intense i-color in 412 trio for blues: the bottom color of this trio is the second swatch
Maybelline single eyeshadow in silken taupe: the third swatch
Almay intense i-color in 412 trio for blues: the brown in this trio is the fourth and last swatch
You can compare my swatches to swatches taken by Beautyshelfie and British beauty addict and see if you think they are similar or not.

At least I do not need to invest in the Body shop palette, as I seem to have all the colors in it.

Hope this has been an inspiration for you to go through your stash when you get the next craving for a product.