Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Greece haul - what made it home

So these are the items I bought in Greece and made it home to Iceland, well except for the body shop serum, that was bought at Arlanda airport Sweden.

Greece beauty haul

Essence stay all day concealer 16 h long lasting in 10 natural beige: paraben free
Korres white tea cleansing foam: had to buy something from Korres while in Greece - and the other cleansing foam I have will soon be finished.
The body shop tea tree oil: I heard that this would be a good thing to put on mosquito bites, as it would calm the skin and disinfect the area - gave it a go, but not sure it worked as I was using so many creams for mosquito bites - and I tend to get really bad ones, and have to take allergy tablets for the worst ones.
The body shop Vitamin C skin boost: I bought this one as I had forgotten I had the Lumene serum on stand-by.
H&M colour essence eye cream eyeshadow in dauphine truffle: not sure if I will keep it or gift it.
Body farm olive oil 24 hour moisturizing cream for all skin types; loved the pommengranate cream from the same company so I got an olive oil cream this time.
Korres eyeshadow in 47 olive green - a beautiful golden green colour - LOVE it
Nails Inc vvb in bamboo white: splurged this one on myself - love the colour.
Essence all about matt fixing compact powder: bought this one on a recomendation from Miss budget Beauty

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