Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Perioral Dermatitis Haul

I took an advantage of when one of my family members went to the US over x-mas and ordered a few things I have found on the internet, that people say have helped them clear up PD (perioral dermatitis).

PD haul

So this is what I ordered and why:

Spectro sensitive skin care cleanser for blemish prone skin fragrance free 200 ml. I saw a video on youtube where a girl got rid of PD using this facial wash
Solaray yeast cleanse tablets. I have seen PD connected to candida yeast infection and videos on youtube where girls manage to clear their skin of PD of taking their diet in the orientation of gluten free and yeast and sugar free.
Shea Moisture African black soap with shea butter for acne prone and troubled skin. I had seen on a few places online that African black soap is supposed to help get rid of eczema, acne and perioral dermatitis. See for example info here

So since mid January, after I finished a 2 month anti biotic session, which did get rid of my perioral dermatitis, I since have been free of PD for 1 and a half month (during that time I only used the african black soap, took a lot of vitamin suppliments and used penzim as a facial cream). But now when taking a break from my birth control it started to come again a little bit (little bumps but not so much redness). Next week I will have a blood exam to see if I have some hormonal imbalance, as my dermatologist implied that hormones are most likely the cause of PD (which totally fits with me taking a break from birth control pills and the PD comes out again). In the future I might go and see a nutritional therapist regarding diet, if I have gluten intolorance, or wheat intolorance - which might very well be as I saw a herbalist a few years ago, who said I should not eat any wheat, no sugar, no cola, alcohol, milk products, honey or mushrooms... but that diet is so hard to do - as I felt I could not eat anything.