Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shopping the stash for fall-trends 2013

I found this image from Lancóme online and used it for inspiration - and as a point of reference of shopping my stash:

Lancóme l'absolu désir - fall collection 2013

And this is what I found in my stash:

Elín's absolout desire?

Clinique lipstick in Flamenco no. 13
Revlon nail polish in Raven Red
Lancóme purple nail polish no. 117
Red nail polish from Gallo (Greek brand?)
OPI nail polish in Skyfall
Christian Breton bronzer in Terra Tan
Cover Girl blush duo in Fresh Roses
Lumene black mascara - just had to add this one as it's my favorite, very buildable

I think I'm good for this fall

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

September beauty budget

Not very different from last months purchase, yes again an eye-liner, this time it's from Lancóme:

Le crayon khol black carat - 023 Chestnut

The color close up;

A true chestnut colour

It looks a bit lighter when you put it on your eyes - then it's a heavy swatch above. Thus it looks a bit light on my blue eyes, then I'm still trying to find out what colour of an eye-shadow I should pair this with. Then again, it's a nice colour when you hardly want to wear any make-up at all, but still a subtle something - which is exactly what this is! Still thought it would be a bit more brown - as I bought it "blindfolded" as it was on sale, and there wasn't a tester available. Plus I thought it was paraben-free, but with closer reading of the packaging it turns out to include parabens. Note to self - don't get greedy on sales!

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Friday, September 13, 2013

8 months into new year's resolutions for 2013

So I came across my new-year's resolutions I made for 2013:

-Take vitamins daily
-Dry-brush my skin once a week (an unresolved new-year's resolution from 2012) - Note to self: put this task on a fixed-weekday!
- Go to the gym at least 2 times a week
- Read at least 6 books for fun in the year 2013
- Don't leave the house without "makeup" and perfume

I think these goals are quite fitting, some I have followed out almost fully and others I have not done anything about - as is the nature of new-year's resolutions!

I do take more vitamins, not on a daily basis though

I have not used a dry brush on my skin once the entire year

I have started to go to the gym at least 2 times a week, since August

I have read 5 books so far this year, and have already started the 6th one

I did not leave the house without make-up (at least my eyes done) after May.. that is until recently, when I developed a rash on my eyelids (right in the crease) kind of small "pimples" or dots you might say. They went away after 2 weeks without any eye-make-up - and I thought the culprit was an old mascara which I threw out right away. After a little less than one week, again on eye-make-up the rash popped up again, and still has not disappeared after about 3 weeks of no make-up! So I booked an appointment with a skin doctor, still waiting for that one - I have the appointment in the end of October..
Now with no idea what causes the rash, I'm back on mascara, to see if it get's worse, if not I will give the mascara a few days off, and try wearing eye-shadow only for a week, and see what happens, and after that: only eye-liner. All of them the products I was using when the rash re-appeared.

Parfume-vise I have finished one bottle, and am working my way through a few samples and have now opened the Jucy couture - Viva la Jucy ;) So I have rarely left the house without a perfume ;)

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Empties July - September 2013

The empties of these months were:

The empties these months

John Frieda - Full repair, full body shampoo
A great shampoo for damaged hair, I still haven't tried this in a combination with the conditioner from the same range, I'm sure then I will be in love! Smells great as well as all the John Frieda products.

Lagerfeld - Sun Moon Stars eau de toilette
A very lady like, a bit mature scent. I have no idea why I bought this almost 10 years ago around 20 years old. And it ended up in my parents bathroom closet for years, I redescovered it about 2 years ago, the bottle was almost full, still in the box, and incredibly it hadn't gone bad in those 10 years in a warm bathroom closet. It's a bit heavy, and I definetly would not repurchase this (if it was awailable still). But it was the perfect scent for work as I work 12 hour shifts, it stays on for a long time, even though I was not able to smell it about 15 minutes after I applied it (as perfumes are supposed to work if the scent suits you). I just hate scents that you can smell all day on yourself, almost giving you a headacke. This is not one of them, big plus for that.

Yes to cucumbers - cool conditioning hand cream
A very light, and fast absorbing hand cream, which does not leave you oily on your hands. Still very moisturizing - this I would repurchase (if it was still awailable in Iceland). So now I'm on a hunt for a good hand cream, can you recommend one?

Thank you for reading,