Friday, September 13, 2013

8 months into new year's resolutions for 2013

So I came across my new-year's resolutions I made for 2013:

-Take vitamins daily
-Dry-brush my skin once a week (an unresolved new-year's resolution from 2012) - Note to self: put this task on a fixed-weekday!
- Go to the gym at least 2 times a week
- Read at least 6 books for fun in the year 2013
- Don't leave the house without "makeup" and perfume

I think these goals are quite fitting, some I have followed out almost fully and others I have not done anything about - as is the nature of new-year's resolutions!

I do take more vitamins, not on a daily basis though

I have not used a dry brush on my skin once the entire year

I have started to go to the gym at least 2 times a week, since August

I have read 5 books so far this year, and have already started the 6th one

I did not leave the house without make-up (at least my eyes done) after May.. that is until recently, when I developed a rash on my eyelids (right in the crease) kind of small "pimples" or dots you might say. They went away after 2 weeks without any eye-make-up - and I thought the culprit was an old mascara which I threw out right away. After a little less than one week, again on eye-make-up the rash popped up again, and still has not disappeared after about 3 weeks of no make-up! So I booked an appointment with a skin doctor, still waiting for that one - I have the appointment in the end of October..
Now with no idea what causes the rash, I'm back on mascara, to see if it get's worse, if not I will give the mascara a few days off, and try wearing eye-shadow only for a week, and see what happens, and after that: only eye-liner. All of them the products I was using when the rash re-appeared.

Parfume-vise I have finished one bottle, and am working my way through a few samples and have now opened the Jucy couture - Viva la Jucy ;) So I have rarely left the house without a perfume ;)

Thank you for reading,

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