Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Empties July - September 2013

The empties of these months were:

The empties these months

John Frieda - Full repair, full body shampoo
A great shampoo for damaged hair, I still haven't tried this in a combination with the conditioner from the same range, I'm sure then I will be in love! Smells great as well as all the John Frieda products.

Lagerfeld - Sun Moon Stars eau de toilette
A very lady like, a bit mature scent. I have no idea why I bought this almost 10 years ago around 20 years old. And it ended up in my parents bathroom closet for years, I redescovered it about 2 years ago, the bottle was almost full, still in the box, and incredibly it hadn't gone bad in those 10 years in a warm bathroom closet. It's a bit heavy, and I definetly would not repurchase this (if it was awailable still). But it was the perfect scent for work as I work 12 hour shifts, it stays on for a long time, even though I was not able to smell it about 15 minutes after I applied it (as perfumes are supposed to work if the scent suits you). I just hate scents that you can smell all day on yourself, almost giving you a headacke. This is not one of them, big plus for that.

Yes to cucumbers - cool conditioning hand cream
A very light, and fast absorbing hand cream, which does not leave you oily on your hands. Still very moisturizing - this I would repurchase (if it was still awailable in Iceland). So now I'm on a hunt for a good hand cream, can you recommend one?

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