Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sunscreen edition

So as I'm living and working in Turkey for the summer season, sunscreen has become a daily ritual. So I thought I would share with you what products I'm using and what I think of them.

The sunscreen and after sun products

Clarins 30 UVB UVA sun wrinke control cream for face - I decided to buy this at the airport on the way to Turkey, as I'm going to spend so mutch time here that it would be nice to have a special suncream for the face, and I chose Clarins because my mom used to buy it when I was a kid. I'm very happy with it, it's not too oiliy for my combination skin, I don't use a moisturizer before I use it though - that would deffinetly be too rich for me. I have only once gotten a red face while using this product, and that was basically because I didn't re-apply when I was spending all day out in the sun. Now while tanning - about once a week on average I keep my face in the shade though - both to prevent burning and also it's simply too hot to be all in the sun.

Escabel Sun aloe vera after sun gel - this I bought from a small market on my street, I got red shoulders after spending a day on a boat, and had to get something with aloe vera in it, and this the store had - this is probably not the newest bottle, as I have seen other bottles from the same company with a pump and the product is a little bit thick from the bottle I have. But I think it's not expired as it's not a cream-product, and it does get rid of redness after sun pretty quickly ;)

Proderm sunscreen mousse 30 - this I also bought at the airport on my way to Turkey, I wish they sold this brand here, but I have never seen it while abroad - but it's sold in Iceland. This is absoloutly my favorite sunscreen, it penetrates further into the skin than other sunscreens and thus protects your skin better from the sun. Plus it's non greasy and does not run in water or smudge onto your clothes.

Nivea sun protect and bronze 30 - I bought this one here in Turkey in the supermarket (stick to supermarkets and pharmacies when buying sunscreens while abroad in Europe - because their product turnover is fast, so you are always getting a new product). I basicly bought this one because I wanted to save my proderm protection a bit - and use the nivea one for tanning by the pool, as you would have to re-apply reglulary so my proderm one would run out too fast. I totally forgot about nivea sunscreens, they really run in water. I usually put this on me about 30 minutes before I go out in the sun, then maybe lay on a bench for another 30 minutes and then dip into the pool - and then white streaks are running on my legs. It says water-resistant on the bottle, but I really think you have to put this on about an hour, to an hour and a half before going in the sun, and if I'm not dipping into a pool or showering it's not a problem. But when this one runs out, I think I will get the protect and bronze spray in 30 - that seems to be a clear or yellow fluid, and maybe my skin will absorb it better. I wish they had it in 20 thought, or maybe I'll just stick to number 30 - I'm still getting a good tan, and no bad burning so far... I'll see when I finish these two bottles.

So all in all, some good products, and some not so great products.