Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Empties July - August 2015

So here are my empties for July and August 2015 - a lot of them are holiday related as I was on a long holiday this summer,

Lavera sunscreen sensitive kids

Sunscreens, mosquito repellent, creams, nail polish and facial wash

Duru perfume shower gel in exotic bamboo

Lavera sunscreen: will never buy again, it was awful, had to scrubb it off my skin as it made a white layer on top of my skin
Nivea sunscreen spf 30 pocket size: perfect to carry around in your purse when you need to reapply sunscreen on the go - and not too heavy to carry around either.
Off aqua anti mosquito spray: awful, I sprayed it all over my legs and arms and still was bitten many times over by mosquitos - will never buy again
Wet and Wild base coat: a very old one, managed to use a lot of it even though it was thick - perfect as a base coat for toes.
Proderm sunscreen spf 30: a very good moose sunscree (and paraben free)
Body farm pommengranate 24 hour cream: very good - bought a different cream from same company now in Greece.
Summertime anti mosquito spray: not a good one - sprayed all over, still got bitten.
Lumene BB serum
Korres yougurt face mask: an ok facial mask - love the size that it's so small.
Yes to cucumbers after sun shimmering serum; beautiful after sun watery after sun treatment, not too shimmery either.
Clinique facial wash: love it, very gentle and perfect travel size.
Sin Kov anti mosquito spray: the BEST anti mosquito spray I have ever tried, just a few sprits and you get no bites at all - will 100% buy again, when in Turkey (where I bought it)
Duru perfume exotic bamboo shower gel: this was so cheap in the supermarket in Turkey, came in very handy as a hand soap and a shower gel during my travels, and not too strong of a scent either.

Untill next time,