Monday, March 10, 2014

Empties January - February 2014

This time around I managed to finish four items:

Sothys Hydra-nourishing mask:
I just love this mask, it's thin enough to be able to put it on at night and sleep with it, not having to wash it of, and my skin is extra soft and moist the morning after. Will buy again, as soon as Sothys becomes a paraben free brand.

TRESemmé vitamin C&E natural for all ahir types conditioner:
A terrible conditioner for my hair, it's way too light for my dry ends - never going to pruchase this again.

Lumene bluberry curl mascara:
My abosolute favorite mascara - see review here and here. Will 100% buy again, when I finish my other mascaras.

L'oréal Elvital nutri-gloss shine shampoo:
Average shampoo, not good and not bad. Might buy again, when I'm on a budget.

Thank you for reading,