Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Empties January - October 2017

This year I have been a bit out of the blog scene as I have been busy writing my master thesis, but now when that has been handed in, defended and I have formally graduated there is about time to get back to blogging. And it's about time for me to do an empties, and this time, a whopping empties from January to the end of October 2017.

Empties Jan-Oct

Empties Jan-Oct

So I have accumulated quite an amount of products I have finished up this year.
Favourite sun - After sun aloe vera gel: I bought this in Turkey a few years back, and these type of product; Aloe vera gels I use in particular when I go abroad. And is a complete must for me to have on a beach holiday as it can really help when you get sunburned, or if the skin is red after a day in the sun. This brand was quite the average Aloe vera gel, neither better or worse than any other.
Pantene Pro-V - Repair & Protect, miracle protecting conditioner: when I go to the States, I tend to stock up on shampoo and conditioners, as they are so much cheaper in America compared to Iceland. And this was no exception, and would I say that this is an average Pantene Pro-V contitioner.
Garnier - Micellar cleansing water: my absolute favorite micellar water brand. It get's rid of all eye-makeup without any rubbing or scrubbing. Have tried a few other brands, but Garnier remains my favorite of all time.
Lumene - Radiant touch refreshing toner for normal/combination skin: I loved this toner, it left my skin clean and clear. Would buy again, if I would not have a thing for trying new toners on a regular basis.
John Frieda - Brilliant Brunette multi-tone revealing daily moisture shampoo for natural or highlighted brunettes: this is one of the shampoo's I bought in the States as well. I generally like the John Frieda shampoo and conditioners and love the smell of them. In the States I tend to buy them, but I think they are a bit over priced in Iceland for what they are.
Kiss my face - Natural Active Life deodorant, fragrance free: a few years ago after seeing a documentary about aluminum in deodorants I took on an extensive research about aluminum free deodorants and watch video after video on Youtube about them. And did I end up ordering this brand through Amazon. As a matter of a fact I love it, it has no scent, which sometimes I miss a little bit. But it does not irritate my skin (which some more "organic" deodorants do). But I love that it is a stick, which is my preferred type of deodorant, I hate the sprays and the wet roller-ball feels too cold and wet in the morning.
Burt's Bees - Tinted lip balm, honeysuckle: loved this lip balm, and even scraped the product out of the container, so I was able to use every single bit of it up.
Biotherm Eau Soleil, fragrance tester: I love this scent, and would 100% buy if I did not own way to many fragrances at the moment. But will for sure keep this in mind when my "stock" goes down.
Hollister - SoCal, fragrance: one of my favorite fragrances, but unfortunately it has been discontinued. But very happy I was able to use it up before it went bad, plus it was a part of my "beauty goals for 2017" to use up.
Forever - Aloe Jojoba shampoo: a small tester I got when I was buying a aloe vera juice from Forever. This packet though was way to small for me to have some opinion about it.
Dr. Organic - Organic Manuka Honey cream - rescue: I bought this cream on a whim when I was in Copenhagen last autumn, after my perioral dermatitis flared up. It was a good facial cream, but not sure it worked any miracles, and not sure if I would repurchase.
Lumene Cloudberry length serum mascara: a plastic wand mascara, which I usually prefer over the natural bristle wand. But this is a very casual mascara for me, not a lot of umpf, but good to wear day to day, and did not irritate my eyes.
The body shop - grape fruit body butter: a very nice body butter from the body shop, a smaller jar which was perfect to take with me to Greece. I might actually buy this scent again as it not overly sweet.
Burt's Bees - lip gloss in Autumn Haze: this is an average lip gloss, a bit on the sticky side. But 100% natural, and that is a rare find. This item was a part of my "beauty goals for 2017" to use up, which I did, as I removed the stopper and used the product as much up as humanly possible without cutting/slicing the tube in half.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

UK + GR+ DK + FI Haul

So far this year I have been on two holidays, one to Corfu, Greece, with connecting flights in London, and then to Copenhagen and Finland. And these are the things I grabbed on those trips.

UK + GR + DK + FI haul

Finlayson Coronna cosmetics bag

On my trip to Greece, I bought two items, one in the airport at Gatwick where I grabbed a Mac paint-pot in Groundwork. This is the perfect no effort, minimal eyeshadow product for everyday. Do not regret it for one minute.
In Sephora in Corfu I bought a Sephora Lotus face mask - which claims to be moisturizing and soothing. Obviously I have not used it yet, but come winter I am sure it will come in handy.

In Copenhagen I picked up the Essence Lash princess mascara. And this type was the one that I had heard the most positive reviews about. In fact I have been trying to get my hands onto one for a couple of years, but the Essence stands where I have bumped into them abroad tend to be very picked over, and sold out. So I was pleasantly surprised they had a full stand in Føtex in Fredriksberg Center in Copenhagen.

The rest of the shopping was done in Finland, where I bought several items from Lumene, the Finnish skincare brand and shampoo and conditioner from the Swedish brand Maria Nila.
Lumene Lahde [Source] Arctic spring water enriched facial mist. I bought this with the intention to replace my Body shop vitamin E facial spray which is almost finished.
Maria Nila Luminous colour shampoo and conditioner. They are vegan and cruelty free, and do not contain sulphates and parabens. I have tried a shampoo from their volume line and so far I like it. And as per bottle is about 10 EUR cheaper in Finland compared to Iceland I decided to pick them up.
Lumene soft touch hydrating toner for dry and normal skin. I still am using the toner I bought in DK last year, but it always good to have a backup ready to go. And as things in Iceland tend to be quite expensive, it always pays off to stock up while abroad.
Lumene Lahde [Source] Pure arctic miracle 3 in 1 micellar cleansing water. This was on offer, and also bought as a back up, when I finish the micellar water I am using currently. But now days I only use micellar water to remove my eye makeup.
Lumene Invisible Illumination - Instant glow beauty serum. This is a colored serum, and I did I choose the color: universal light. And claims to subtly enhance ones complexion, so it is probably a very sheer coverage.
Then I totally fell in love with this little cosmetics bag from Finlayson Coronna, so that also fell into my shopping cart. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

DK + SE Haul

While I was on an exchange program in Copenhagen, Denmark I of course went shopping, and did some damage, both online (as I did not have to pay import tax from EU countries into Denmark, as I have to do if I order something and have it shipped to Iceland).
Also I went for a day to Malmo Sweden and bought one of the items there.

DK + SE haul

The Body shop Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask - have used this once on my nose - did not see any miracles, but maybe they will happen if I use this once a week.
Lumene Spring water intense hydration 24h moisturizer - this is my favorite skincare brand, and it is Finnish, and is the one product I picked up in Sweden. And I was so happy to find it - as it is not sold in DK. 
La Roche-Posay toleraine ultra - a cream that is highly recommended in the POD community for perioral dermatitis, as it is a skin cream for ultra-sensetive or allergic skin. Really looking forward to try it, unfortunately it is not sold in Iceland.
Dr. Organic organic manuka honey cream - it is a little bit to rich for me, so I can just get away with it in winter. This is also recommended for POD, but for me it is not working too good. As I have some dry flakyness going on as of late.
Sephora triple action cleansing water face and eyes with calendula extract - Calendula for one is recommended for POD, so I am looking forward to try this one when I run out of the Garnier micellar water.
The body shop aloe calming toner - this one is fragrance-fee, colourant-free, perservative-free and alcohol-free. I am just loving the new look and emphasis of The body shop on cleaner products. And am on the final drops of my Lumene toner, so I it will not be long untill I can crack this open.
Gosh darling lashes extreme volume mascara - you can not live in DK without buying a danish product, right?
Too Faced soul mates blushing bronzer in Carrie & Big - was tempted to order this through Amazon to DK, as this was a limited edition and again unawailable in Iceland.
Garnier BB cream sensetive skin in light - not sure how I will get along with this as it has chemical sunscreen spf. But I just loved the Garnier miracle skin cream, and I really wanted a Garnier tinted cream back into my life.
Lily LoLo mineral foundation in barely buff - have not tested it yet, as I have too many open foundations as of late. Maybe I should have opted to put one foundation into my beauty goals for 2017?
Lily LoLo super kabuki brush - had to buy the matching brush, but if you are interested in Lily LoLo, I would deffinetly recommend to buy around Black Friday - as they had several offers going on around and on that date in 2017 from the Lily LoLo website.
Tromborg eyeshadow in fairy - just a beautiful danish brand, that is all about good ingredients, wanted to buy their mineral foundation, but it did not contain clean enough ingredients for me, so I opted to buy an eyeshadow. And what a selection they have, their eye-grease quads were just beautiful. But as they stated on that packaging it had an expiry date 3 or 6 months after opening, and  I have several cream eye-products today I opted for a powder eyeshadow. And omg it is so finely milled, it is hands down the softest eyeshadow I own. And the colour is gorgeous, either in the crease with a lighter colour on the lid, or on the lid, with a darker colour in the crease!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Beauty goals for 2017

Ok straight into next project 10 use it up (or project pan)

These are the ten products that need to be used up in my collection as of late

First six products

The last four products

Lumene body magic - hydra luminous body lotion (200 ml): goal is to finish this up - as a matter of fact there are only a few uses left I guess... but this is one of my oldest products I own, so it needs to be used up.
Victoria's Secret - Beauty rush - Candy baby - body double mist (250 ml): goal use it completely up - have a few newer body sprays that I need to start using.
The body shop - Vitamin E face mist (100 ml): maybe 1/6 left of this facial mist, body shop has recently changed the packaging and removed parabens from the formula - will for sure buy again.
Hollister - So Cal - perfume (75 ml): a discontinued fragrance by Hollister, love the scent, but is one of my older fragrances so I want to make a sure I use it up before it goes bad.
Maybelline - Instant age rewind eraser dark circles - light pale (6 ml): the goal is to use this up.
Burt's Bees - gloss - 203 Autumn haze (5 ml): I managed to use almost half of this in 2016 - so the goal for 2017 is to use the rest of it up.
Maybelline - colour tattoo 24hr - gel cream eyeshadow - 35 on and on bronze: this has started to dry up and I have not used it so mutch, so the goal for this product is to hit pan and get some use out of it before it goes bad.
Lancome le crayon kohl noir (0,7 g): this was a part of the beauty goals for 2016, and I estimate I used about 2 cm of the pencil, and given the fact it was my main eyeliner I used 90% of the time when I did my makeup. Remaining are 4,5 cm of the pencil.
Maybelline - depotted eyeshadow in a champagne shimmery colour: my mission is to hit pan on this shadow, but I mainly use it in my inner corner of my eye and under the brow as a highlight.
Bourjois Paris - Smokey eyes trio - 09 Lady vert de gris (4,5 g): the goal with this trio is to hit pan on the middle shade (the lighter brown grey colour). But this colour is the perfect crease colour, then I mix it with the darker brown and use in my eyebrows.

So that concludes the 

Beauty goals for 2016 - update 3 - final update

At the end of the year 2015 I put a goal to finish up 10 products, of those 10 products I managed to finish 8, see picture below;

Finished products 2016

So what is left is the eyeliner and the gloss (which I replaced with a Burt's Bees gloss)

The rest of the Lancome black Kohl eyeliner
 (the blush is a repressed Clinique blush not in the project)

The Burt's Bees gloss in Autumn Haze

The gloss is just millimeters from the set goal of using half of the gloss up, the eyeliner seems to be holding on for dear life, and could even take me another year to finish. Probably because it is fairly dry. But it is really the only eyeliner I have used for the entire year! And I have only used 1-2 cm of it as it seems. And I have a bunch of other liners waiting to be used. So I have learned it takes about a year to finish half a gloss. That should really hold me back in future purchases. But overall I am really glad that the products I used up are out of my collection, and have been saved from going bad.

So next is just to decide goals and products for next year, 2017!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Empties August - December 2016

So here come the products I managed to finish up during my stay in Copenhagen, August untill December 2016

Products used up in August - December 2016

Elf mineral eyeshadow primer, very good primer, finished up, and it was a part of my beauty goals for 2016
Revlon moisture stay lip tint in sheer spice 07; was depoted into the little round jar, is completely finished up, and was a part of beauty goals 2016.
The body shop total energy exhilirating body wash; a 10 ml sample which has been in my collection for a very long time - pleasant with scrubbing particles in.
Janssen cosmetics hydrating lotion; this product was really nice, while hydrating my skin it did not irritate the perioral dermatitis. Will for sure repurchase.
Emporio Armani Diamonds body lotion; this was gifted to me for x-mas a few years back as a perfume and body lotion set - it was nice and the scent lingered on my skin for some time afterwards.
Cover Girl clump crusher mascara; a really nice mascara, would repurchase if it was sold in Iceland.
Clarins foaming body exfoliator; the scrub particles in this product are really nice, but I just hate the smell of the "standard" Clarins body products, and would thus not repurchase.
Victoria's Secret Very Sexy sheer sexy mist; I finally used this product up, which was a part of my beauty goals 2016. I used it as a body spray and as a perfume. Will not repurchase, the smell was not unpleasant, but got really tired of it. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Holiday Haul

During my holiday in Turkey I picked up a few things, and on the way, in the duty free and in Berlin as I had a few hours in the city in between my connecting flights.

Holiday haul

Mistic perfumum in Z21 and Z20- copies of fragrances from high street brands, I do not consider myself to support the knock-off industry but as these were gifted to me and smell quite nice I use them from time to time.
Sin Kov - the best anti mosquito spray I have ever used, so I bought a back-up to use on holiday next time.
EVY technology sunscreen mousse spf 30 - this is a re-launch of Proderm, and has never failed me before, but I have actually started to think my skin is getting more sensitive, and I might need spf 50 as I managed to get red after sunbathing. 
Golden Rose maxim eyes and city style mascaras. I have bought the city style before and loved it.
Clinique mineral sunscreen fluid for face. I loved this sunscreen, it did not irritate my perioral dermatitis at all, probably as it is not a chemical sunscreen, but a mineral one. 
Kiko stick eyeshadow in 05 rosy brown - this I bought in Berlin, am still testing it out.
Flormar Flashe baked eyeshadow in 04 peachy dazzles. This brand is Turkish and I just had to pick one up, it is pink to me, and higly pigmennted. (So now I have actually broken the low buy by buying 2 eyeshadow products after finishing 5 items from my finish 10 beauty goals for 2016).

Kiko stick eyeshadow in 05 rosy brown and Flormar Flash baked eye shadow in 04 peachy dazzles