Friday, May 11, 2018

One month haul

So in the month of April, I managed to use up my "quota" for seven months!

April haul

As I had space for two eye shadows in my Inglot palette, and Inglot in Iceland was running an offer of buy one item, and get the second free, I decided to get tow colors; 423 (a purple brown eye shadow, with a bit of a red undertone) and 337 (a light crease color, with a hint of a pink undertone). So now I have a complete 5 pan Inglot palette, a mix of cool and warm shades. And I love them all, great pigmentation and blend-ability. I am truly hooked on Inglot now and am eyeing a few more shades for future purchase.
At Gatwick airport I picked up the Urban Decay - Naked 2 - eye shadow palette. It has been on my wish-list for a few years, and as my sister and nephews had given me cash designated for an UD palette, I took advantage of the great price at the airport.
As I was wandering around the streets of London, I decided to drop in on the Burberry Flagship store on Regent Street, and take a closer look at the Burberry eye shadows, which I have heard SO much about, but never seen in person before. In particular I swatched Pale barley and Almond, but opted for the Burberry eye shadow in Almond no. 103, as my online research showed that a combination of Urban Decays Naked 2 shadows; Suspect and YDK mixed together, looks very similar to Pale Barley (see here).
As with so many other things, I fell for an offer at Lily Lolo where they offered free shipping, so I grabbed the Lily Lolo BB cream in light, as I had heard so many good things about it in relation to perioral dermatitis.
And thanks to Jennifer Lopez collaboration with Inglot and the launch of the limited JLO x Inglot collection, I fell into temptation, and bought an JLO x Inglot eye shadow in Lilac grey (J307), on retrospect it is a very similar color to UD Busted in the Naked 2 palette. Though Busted has a bit more brown hue to it, than Lilac grey.
The one item that does not count towards my quota, is the Sigma eye shadow brush in E45. I had heard so many good reviews online about this brush for hooded eyes, so I went for it when was offering a discount.
As with the Burberry cosmetics, I had never been to a Charlotte Tilbury counter before, until I visited one in Selfridges on Oxford Street in London. But as I already have so much makeup, I could really not justify buying another eye shadow palette, blush or a lipstick. But as I only own three other lip liners, and none of them in a similar color to the Charlotte Tilbury lip liner/lip cheat in Pillow talk, I could justify one lip liner.

So with that said, I have now purchased whopping ten items this year of my twelve item limit for the year of 2018 - and it is only May! 

My oh my, how am I going to cope with my work bringing me to the states several times this summer? I might have tor raise my limit this year - if I double it, it would be 24 items this year, which still in my opinion is way too much! I might consider multiplying it with 1,5, giving me a limit of 18 items in the year 2018 - which undoubtedly has a nice ring to it. I will keep you posted

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Empties February - April 2018

So here are the empties for the monts of February, March and April. Also there is included a one declutter.

Shampoo, body cream and face creams

Mascara, concealer and lip products

So for the three months from February and until the end of April I have finished up seven products, and decluttered one.

Nip+Fab - Tummy fix (100 ml): this gel cream is an anti cellulite cream, which I used on my thighs by a recomendation by an icelandic beauty guru, I never used it consistently enough though to see any difference, but glad it is finished. Will not repurchase.
Maria Nila - Pure volume shampoo (350 ml):  a sulphate and paraben free shampoo from the super popular Swedish brand Maria Nila, It was good, but maybe not as good as the hype about it suggest, and the price tag? Super expensive in Iceland.
The Body Shop - Vitamin C skin boost (30 ml): a kind of a serum cream, which had a bit of a slippy feeling - for sure not a favorite.
Lumene - Lahde (spring water) Intense hydration 24h moisturizer (50 ml): my absolutely favorite moisturizer - already have a backup, but I also want to try the Lumene vitamin c cream.
Lumene - Blueberry wild volume mascara (7 ml): this used to be my absolutely favorite mascara, that was before they changed the wand on it -
Nip+Fab - Eye fix (2 ml): this is the item I decluttered, and oh my gosh, it was never good. It is a super pinky concealer for under eyes, but when I pulled it out of my stash it had separated, and the forumula was all lumpy, so to the bin it goes.
Dior - Dior addict gloss in 643 Diablotine (6,5 ml): a warm coral shimmery gloss, which was bought years ago. Really liked the dior formula, would like to buy this formula again in a different tone, when I have managed to finish some of my glosses and lipsticks I already own.
Labello - olive and lemon lip balm (4,8 g/5,5 ml): a great lip balm that does not aggravate my perioral dermatitis rash to burst out.

What have you used up lately?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Three month haul

One of the goals I put for myself in 2018 - was not to buy more than 12 beauty items in the following categories; makeup, nail polish and perfumes for the entire year of 2018. So that adds up to about one item per month.
So my shopping for January, February and March tallies up to three items form the particular categories that I have a 12 item limit on, and one item that I don't have a particular limit on.

Three month haul

The eye-shadows were a birthday treat for myself on my birthday, they are from Inglot, and did I pick the colours 303, which is a matte pinky colour with a hint of terracotta orange, and 450 which is a shimmery cranberry colour. They are really blendable and gorgeously pigmented, and am I really intrigued for more products by the brand.
The other two items I bought the other day when I was going through duty free, I was for sure not going to buy any nail polish this year until I would finish the polish that is a part of my "Beauty goals for 2018". But as I have to wear a lightly colored nail polish for my summer job this summer, and Essie help me grow and Nicole by OPI moisture plus, have not been working any wonders on my nails recently I decided to grab OPI Nail Envy in the color bubble bath. That way I could wear it for work and still strengthen my nails.
The forth and final item in this haul is the Clinique, take the day off, cleansing balm. This one does not count towards my 12 item limit for the year of 2018, but I had heard so many good things about it, I decided to try it, also I have to wear a full face of makeup this summer, so this was specially bought for that reason.

Have you bought anything recently?

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Empties January 2018

In the first month of 2018 I managed of finish up a few items, three of which were left from my Beauty goals 2017

January empties 2018

Victoria's Secret - Beauty rush - Candy baby - body double mist (250 ml): as I predicted I was able to finish this item this month
The body shop - Vitamin E face mist (100 ml): absolutely love this face mist, will 100% buy again - and the new version also does not have any parabens in it - so that is a good development.
Maybelline - Instant age rewind eraser dark circles - light pale (6 ml): this I finished up quicker than I predicted, at the end of December 2017 I thought it would last me 2 months - when it only lasted for the two first weeks of January or so.
Sephora - moisturizing and soothing - Lotus face mask (22 gr): a single use facial sheet mask, it was absolutely soaked in product, to the point I found it a bit wasteful how much dripped of when I was applying it, But I really felt the moisture the mask gave, and my skin felt extra moisturized for about 2 days or so.
Erborian - BB créme au ginseng (? ml): this tester I got as a bonus in Sephora in Copenhagen 2016, so it was about time to try it, this small packet lasted for over a week, and was a dream to apply. It is perfect to spread out on your face with your fingers, which is my favorite BB cream formula, totally fuss free. It is a bit dark for me at the moment, as my skin is at it's palest. It will be perfect during the summer when I will be missing a foundation for my summer tan. The only question mark I put on it, is the SPF in it, as it claims to contain broad-spectrum spf of 20, so I wonder if it might start my perioral dermatitis to flare up.

But a very good start to the year 2018

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Beauty goals for 2018

Now at the start of a new year, it is time to pick out which 10 items to finish up, or hit pan on in the year of 2018. And considering how poorly I did with the products on my beauty goals in 2017 - I will have to aim to finish one product a month approximately this coming year to keep the ball rolling, and manage to finish the items before the end of the year.

 Hair, cream and nail polish products to use up in 2018
Foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow and a blush to use up in 2018

The ten items I picked this year are the following:
Dove - Intense repair overnight cream (120 ml): a little less than 1/3 of the hair cream is left, and the mission this year is to finish it up.
The body shop - Vitamin C skin boost (30 ml): of this cream probably 6-10 ml remain, and will aim to finish it up in the year to come.
Bourjois Paris - Happy light luminous serum primer (15 ml): I have only used this primer a handful of times, so it's about time to get some good use out of it, and finish it up.
Dove - Repair therapy, Colour radiance hair mask (200 ml): a decent mask for hair, there are only a handful of applications left in the tub, but it's about time to finish it up.
Wet and wild - nailpolish in the colour 442A (14 ml): one of my oldest nail polishes I have in my collection, and also the one that has the least amount of product left, estimating somewhere inbetween 4-6 ml left. Goal? To finish it up, or use it until it gets to thick to work with.
Victoria's secret - Unwrap me, beauty rush, whipped cream and winter pear, body dial-a-shimmer lotion (200 ml): a lovely shimmering body lotion, where you can adjust the level of shimmer you pump out each time. Goal? To finish it.
Estée Lauder - Double wear, stay in place powder makeup SPF 10 (16 g) - colour 2N2 Fresco 01: One of my oldest foundations, and I have actually already hit pan on it, so this year I am going to make an effort to use it up completely. But it might proof to be hard to do as the pan is quite thick on the sides. 
Lancome le crayon kohl noir (0,7 g): this item is a roll over product from last year. And starts the year 2018 at 3,5 cm long.
Maybelline - depotted eyeshadow in a champagne shimmery colour: this is also a roll over product from last year, the goal remains to hit pan - which seams to be harder than one could imagine.
Clinique - Blush in Fig (1,8 g): this is a blush I got as a gift with purchase, but as the pan in that palette was so tiny I decided to depot it into this empty Elf pan, which makes it so much easier to use. But I would love to finish this blush this year, specially when it is only 1,8 grams - and I have used some of it already. But I find it amazing how much 1,8 g is really, it sounds as a tiny amount, but this will take some time to use up though.

My second goal for this year, is to put a 12 item limit for the year of new makeup products and nail polishes (so I guess I would say a 12 item limit on color cosmetics). As I have more makeup than I can ever use, I really want to purchase fewer items, and get to use and enjoy the items I already have this year.

What are your goals for 2018?

Friday, December 29, 2017

IS + X-mas gift haul

I have to admit that most of my beauty purchases are made abroad, so it's about time I make an account of the items I bought in my home country + the two beauty items I got for X-mas.

Benefit - They're real mascara: I have for a long time really wanted to try some of the mascaras from Benefit, and when I saw this on a sale, I snatched one.
Nars audacius lipstic - Anna: my nephew was so kind to give this to me for Christmas. And am super excited to try this one out
Milani - Prep+Set+Glow illuminating transparent powder 02: This I bought as I had some credit left on a gift card I received last year. Heard some really good things about it - so it will be exciting to try
Inglot eyeshadow - colour 363 (3,0 g) - a medium grey, brown with a hint of purple: when I turned in my master-thesis I thought I did deserve a small reward, and as I have never tried anything from Inglot before I thought it would be a perfect treat.
Essie nail lacquer - buy me a cameo: a rosy metallic colour a friend of mine gave me for x-mas. This colour is a tiny bit darker than the one I am planning to use up in 2018 - so will have this one waiting.
Helena Rubinstein - All mascaras, complete eye make-up remover: there was a 25% discount in one of the big supermarkets in Iceland, on all cosmetics, so I thought it would be a perfect time to get a better eye makeup remover than micelar water which is not performing so well with my Lumene mascara. Unfortunately this brand in my opinion is not as good as the Lancomé Bi-Facil one, which remains my favorite ;)

So that summons up all my cosmetics and beauty purchases and gifts in the year of 2017. Which comes to a total of 15 items.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Empties November - December 2017

In these last two months of the year, I managed to finish three products up:

Empties in November and December 2017

The three items I managed to finish up were;

Lumene body magic - hydra luminous body lotion (200 ml): this was a part of my Beauty goals for 2017 - and managed to finish it up. The branding and packaging for Lumene has since I got this changed several times, so I am very glad it is finished.But the texture of it was lovely, it gave a nice shimmering effect without smearing onto clothes.
YSL - Black opium - eau de parfum (1,5 ml): I am trying to use up my testers instead of having them lying around for ages.
Avon care - Paraffin hand cream (100 ml): an excellent hand cream my mom gave me a few years ago. Loved the fact it did not have a strong fragrance so it was perfect to use just before I went to bed.

Thank you for reading.