Sunday, September 22, 2013

September beauty budget

Not very different from last months purchase, yes again an eye-liner, this time it's from Lancóme:

Le crayon khol black carat - 023 Chestnut

The color close up;

A true chestnut colour

It looks a bit lighter when you put it on your eyes - then it's a heavy swatch above. Thus it looks a bit light on my blue eyes, then I'm still trying to find out what colour of an eye-shadow I should pair this with. Then again, it's a nice colour when you hardly want to wear any make-up at all, but still a subtle something - which is exactly what this is! Still thought it would be a bit more brown - as I bought it "blindfolded" as it was on sale, and there wasn't a tester available. Plus I thought it was paraben-free, but with closer reading of the packaging it turns out to include parabens. Note to self - don't get greedy on sales!

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