Monday, May 30, 2016

Empties January - May 2016

So here are the products I have finished in these first months of the year

Empties January - May 2016

Penzim: serum/gel-cream I used on my face when I first was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis, it did not cure it but I know it is free from nasty chemicals and parabens.
The body shop, sweet lemon body butter: just a regular body butter from the body shop.
Dove summer glow body lotion: finally I finished this up this spring, it has changed packaging 2-3 times since I bought this one (which even has the label NEW on it). I have already bought a new version of this cream.
Sheer eau de toilette by Aerie: nice scent, glad it is finished before it went bad on me.
Garnier micellar cleansing water: love it, and in fact do not sense a difference between this one and the one from Bioderma.
Physicians formula organic wear BB mascara: it was ok, the wand was a little bit too strange for my liking, and prefer the original one in the green bottle.
Bath & Body works nourishing hand cream in fresh sparkling snow: this was a nice and nourishing hand cream, but the scent was a bit too strong for my liking. Would not buy again.
Labello caregloss & shine: too sticky, with no colour and will not buy again.
Boots no.7 eyeshadow in a pinky purple shade: finished this one finally off. Ended up using it as a blush and an eyeshadow, and eventually when there was maybe 1 month use of it left, it broke into pieces and fell into the sink - good it was not a favorite!
Elf blsuh in mellow mauve: it was a super nice blush, but I got so tired of trying to use it up, and I got sick of the colour, by using it every day for a long period of time. Will not repurchase in the nearest future. 

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