Friday, August 9, 2013

My perfume and fragrance collection

I'll be the first one to admit that I'm a perfume/fragrance hoarder.. and a terrible one at that. There used to be the time I was not able to walk through the duty-free without buying a scent for myself. In these later years I have learned to control myself.. othervise my collection would be way out of control. But still I like to have a few bottles to choose from, as different scents match ones mood, dress and occation.

My collection 

What my collection includes:

Sheer by Aerie - travel scent
Viva la Juicy by Jucy Couture (unopened)
Emerald dream by Estrée Lauder - summer scent
Beauty Rush, candy baby body mist by Victorias Secret
Sun Moon Stars by Lagerfeld - this one I use for work
Diamonds by Emporio Armani - my "glamourous" scent
Bright Crystal by Versace - light day to day scent (still prefer the yellow diamond version)
Very sexy body mist by Victoarias Secret
True Star Gold by Tommy Hilfiger - this will be my new work scent

This is a bit, too mutch in my own opinion, especially when I think about how many perfume bottles I have already finished in my life (which adds up to 5) and one of them I did not even finish as the smell went bad. Perfumes do not last forever.. and that I learned the hard way with my Armani She perfume.. when one day it suddenly smelled awful. The other bottles I did actually finish were; Cool water by Davidoff, Eternety by Calvin Clein, Abercrombie (original) and Qui by L'oreal. My favorite of them? Difficult to say, Cool water and the Abercrombie scent I relate to my teenage years, but if I ever re-purchase any of them it would deffinetly be Eternety, I still love that smell.

What I would like to buy, when I have made a dent in my collection:
Express love by Express
So Cal by Hollister (sadly discontinued)
Vanitas by Versace
Versense by Versace

The good news?
I'm about to finish the bottle of Sun moon stars - and then I'm going to crack open Viva la Juicy
If you want to learn about notes of any of the scents visit Fragrantica

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