Thursday, January 9, 2014

Collection 2013

So this pile consists of all the products I purchased in 2013:

Exept for 3 products:

Almay sensitive oil free eye makup remover - just forgot for the "photo-shoot"
Olivelia body butter by Macrovita - too big for the photo
Lumene  waterproof eyemakeup remover - is finished and was presented at the last empties post of 2013

I think my makeup collection is about getting out of control - ok these include toners, creams and facial washes.. and some of the products are almost finished and others I have not even started to use yet - as they are backups and I don't like to have many mascaras in use at a perticular time (actually I prefer to have only one in use at a given time) and then I also don't want to have too many lip products open at a time (especially glosses). Actually I'm going to do a lip-collection soon... so then I'll do an overview of what is being used at the time and what is not.

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