Friday, April 8, 2016

Beauty goals for 2016 - update 1

So here is an update on all the items I included in my beauty goals for 2016, after about three months use:

the first five products

I finished the Aerie roll on eau de toilette in Sheer - it took over two months to finhish 1/3 of a 7,5 ml bottle. Glad that got used up before it turned bad.
The elf blush in mellow mauve I have owned for almost 3 years now, and used it on a daily basis probably for over a year and a half. Which is a crazy long time for a blush to last it was in total 4,75 grams. The rest of it fell into the sink today, and I was so tired of it I made no attempt to save it from being washed into the ocean. What was left was probably 2-3 months worth of every day use of this blush, which would have made it last for almost 2 years of everyday ware. So when I buy blush in the future now I know how long it will last according to the weight, but then it also depends on the pigmentation on how much you want to use each time.
I made a small progress on the Lancome le crayon kohl noir even though I have used it almost every day since the end of January. I do not understand how girls go so fast through these pencils - but I do not sharpen it every day.
I use the depotted Clinique chubby stick in whole lotta honey every day in the morning as it needs to be applied with a pencil, which makes it very unhandy to put in your purse. So a slow progress is being made on this one.
The Boots no 7 eyeshadow (depotted from a trio - a pinky purple shade) I use every day in my crease, on my lid I use a light pink shimmery shade. I can see quite the process on this one, but the shadow was a bit thinner in the area where the pan is showing compared to what is left of it in the pan.
The elf mineral eyeshadow primer in sheer is on it's last leg, the formula has become quite dry and will only be used a few more times. The Garnier roll-on anti-dark circles in 02 is still going strong and seems to be bottom-less. I have to leave the product upside-down though to be able to get any product out, but it does never seem to be close to empty.

Victorias secret very sexy sheer sexy mist

On the Victoria's secret very sexy sheer sexy mist I have made some progress on this 75 ml bottle, last time the product reached between the X and Y letters in SEXY - now it is about one letter below that - which I will mark with a pen right now!
One product I have used the least is the Revlon moisture stay lip tint in sheer spice 07, I used about 4 times, or untill I could not apply it straight from the bullet. Will finish the chubby stick before depotting this one into the same box the chubby stick is in right now.

I threw the Guerlain Terracotta lip gloss in Terre d'or out of the project as it had started to seperate and smell like plastic. I replaced it wit two lip glosses one of them is the Burt's bees lipgloss in 203 Autumn haze, since I started using it in the end of January, brand new, I have already finished about 1/3 of the product as you can see on the colour line. This is a very thick gloss, so I actually had to let the bottle sit in the sun to try to warm the product up to see the progress I made. The other gloss is almost brand new: Dior Addict gloss in 643 Diablotine - so the one I finish first the half of - I will consider done with the Guerlain gloss, as it was only half left of it.

What this goal has taught me so far it that it takes forever to finish a blush, and it is such a pain to try to finish one, so I will try not to have more in my collection than 2-3, and will not put one in a "project pan" ever again.
Lipglosses are easier to finish than I thought, you just have to keep it in your purse and apply at least 3 times a day to see some progress.

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