Saturday, April 2, 2016

Discontinued products due to perioral dermatitis

So after some contemplating about this skin condition I have and reading online about chemicals in products I decided to stop using these products due to my perioral dermatitis:

I have stopped using these products

So the products are:

Nivea daily essentials purifying washing gel: it contains SLS in it so I have stopped using this. I tried to turn it into a hand soap, and omg how dry my hands became after only one wash so I can not imagine I ever put this on my face. I threw it away.

Lumene Vitamine C+ age defying arctic cloudberry balancing day cream: I stopped using this mainly because the cream states to be anti-aging, and that can aggravate perioral dermatitis, and when I got my first outbreak of perioral dermatitis, I had just started to use this cream. Third and final reason I am not using it anymore is the texture, it is very liquity, so I even wonder if it is old and the formula has been damaged in some way. In the trash it went.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB: this I was using last summer, the tube is over 2 years old, and as the outbreak of perioral dermatitis started after the summer it made me wonder if this was one of the causes. So this went to the trash.

Korres white tea cleansing foam: this contains SLS, and as many say that is bad for perioral dermatitis so I gave it to a friend.

Guerlain Terracotta lip gloss in Terre d'or: I stopped using this (even though I had put in a project pan) as it had started to smell like plastic, and the product had seperated, and was one of the product I used a lot during the summer, just before my flare up. So I threw it in the trash.

Neutrogena visably clear pink grapefruit daily scrub: I am so sad that this product contains SLS, so I have stopped using it.

Sadly the perioral dermatitis has not  100% gone away after I stopped using these products, but I for sure now have a super sensitive skin, and might even think it started because of sun screen (which can also aggetate perioral dermatitis). So I have to be super selective when I choose products which I intend to use on my face, so I believe these products were not good for me anyway.

Thank you for reading.

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