Thursday, August 4, 2016

Holiday Haul

During my holiday in Turkey I picked up a few things, and on the way, in the duty free and in Berlin as I had a few hours in the city in between my connecting flights.

Holiday haul

Mistic perfumum in Z21 and Z20- copies of fragrances from high street brands, I do not consider myself to support the knock-off industry but as these were gifted to me and smell quite nice I use them from time to time.
Sin Kov - the best anti mosquito spray I have ever used, so I bought a back-up to use on holiday next time.
EVY technology sunscreen mousse spf 30 - this is a re-launch of Proderm, and has never failed me before, but I have actually started to think my skin is getting more sensitive, and I might need spf 50 as I managed to get red after sunbathing. 
Golden Rose maxim eyes and city style mascaras. I have bought the city style before and loved it.
Clinique mineral sunscreen fluid for face. I loved this sunscreen, it did not irritate my perioral dermatitis at all, probably as it is not a chemical sunscreen, but a mineral one. 
Kiko stick eyeshadow in 05 rosy brown - this I bought in Berlin, am still testing it out.
Flormar Flashe baked eyeshadow in 04 peachy dazzles. This brand is Turkish and I just had to pick one up, it is pink to me, and higly pigmennted. (So now I have actually broken the low buy by buying 2 eyeshadow products after finishing 5 items from my finish 10 beauty goals for 2016).

Kiko stick eyeshadow in 05 rosy brown and Flormar Flash baked eye shadow in 04 peachy dazzles

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