Thursday, February 14, 2013

My first Lumene purchase

I was at the Vantaa airport in Helsinki last summer that I made my first Lumene purchase, well first aware purchase. I did buy a few years back a hydra luminous shimmering and moisturizing body lotion from Lumene, but that was before the company became paraben-free and I became aware of paraben-chemicals. 
Back to the point, I was wandering in the duty-free and looking at a Clinique all about eyes serum, but found it a bit on the pricy side, so looking for a cheeper dupe I found Lumene Vitamin C+ anti-puffiness roll-on eye serum in the huge Lumene collection at the Finn-air shop at Vantaa. And boy I was not disappointed, it's great! I really worked for my puffy eyes when I was still working night shifts. Now I don't need it as mutch, but use it when there is a some puffiness is going on, either in the morning, or before I go to bed, and I really can see a difference. The cream is itself a clear watery gel formula, and gives a bit of a tinlge in the eye area right after it is used. So this is what it lookes like;

Lumene Vitamin C+ anti-puffiness roll-on eye serum

The three roller ball

Great pluses are it's paraben-free and has three small balls in stead of a one big one, so I feel it's being more gentle on the sensitive eye-area. I totally have fallen in love with Lumene, the only problem it's difficult to find their products in Iceland.

A great buy,

Thank you for reading,

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