Sunday, July 21, 2013

Makeup throw away

Out there there are some general rules to when you are supposed to trow your makeup products out, or replace them. Different websites give different expiration time on different items from the day you open them and start to use them (here you can find some guidelines on I have to confess that I'm terrible with those things and have actually "inherited" makup items from my sister, mother and even grandmother.. and I hardly ever thorw anything away... and still I don't even use it! Imagine?

Anyway.. about 6 months ago I went through my entire stash and trew a couple of things away, and now I was looking at this blush, well smelling it - and gosh it smelles awful.. So now is the time for it to go to the bin, and this is actually something that belonged to my grandmother, still I'm trying to find excuses not to throw it away... it's still such a pretty color... but I value my skin more than some pink substance in a box! So it's new home; the bin. As I was in the mood to throw things away, why not find other items? So I found a gloss from my sister that smells weird, a purple eyeliner that I bought on a sale, later to find out it was the tester tube - so I never used that one anyway.. and lastly a lip gloss pots trio from Body shop which I have owned since I was a teenager - and all smell like plastic.

Avon blush in coral fantasy, Bourjois liner clubbing in 85 violet lazer, 
pink gloss from etrebelle and lip gloss pots from Body shop

So by now I'm extra motivated not to buy too mutch stuff and throw it away, now I'm actually going to use up the products I buy!!

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